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Four core integrated software applications designed to manage client and agent relationships, analyze brokerage production data, track lead performance across acquisition sources, automate lead conversion, communicate effortlessly, and transact transparently...



Frontage is a next generation brokerage, agent & client management solution. The application enables management, field agents, & support staff to collaborate, streamline workflows & garner actionable insights into their sales pipelines & tasks with role specific dashboards. Frontage has full API integrations with top online portal lead providers, fully automating initial outreach & follow-up using customizable SMS/MMS conversion campaigns. 


Once your leads turn into clients, leverage the integrated MLS & public record databases to programmatically generate & sign contract documents, while our transaction templates ensure a compliant & standardized experience.​

Glass Offers


GlassOffers is a transparent online offer collaboration tool designed to level the informational playing field for practitioners & consumers. In today's market, multiple offer situations are increasingly common, yet agents are still using email, paper & other inefficient mediums to manage, compare & advise their clients on the most important financial decision of their life. GlassOffers centralizes & standardizes the offer & negotiation process; automating seller/buyer/agent status notifications, term negotiations, contract generation, electronic signing & document distribution.


GlassOffers also unlocks the valuable insights that can be garnered from the aggregate offer data surrounding the performance & prevelance of different loan programs, offer term strategies, listing strategies & multiple offer round structures. GlassOffers democratizes offer level information previously siloed in the email boxes of listing agents across America...



The Talk application gives brokerages & agents the ability to provide consumers with the immediate service they have come to expect from the on-demand economy. The application creates automated customizable lead engagement & follow-up text campaigns. Talk is also the only SMS/MMS tool that allows support staff & agents to actively nurture client relationships in a bi-directional group SMS/MMS communication environment, allowing consumers & agents to communicate where they are most comfortable - natively on their smart phones in the same group text environments they use with family & friends.


At the same time, Talk allows support staff & client relationship teams to manage & collaborate on these SMS/MMS threads within the application to ensure 7-day a week response coverage.



Glyph is the all-in-one agreement solution that enables clients to securely sign and send documents from a mobile device or computer. Our high-level encryption software also give you and your clients peace of mind. Sending documents via Glyph is more secure than paper or email, and the software works seamlessly with GlassOffers, so your clients don't have to download multiple apps for great service.

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Brokerage as a Service


The last thing Real Estate Brokerages need is another complicated software platform their agents won’t use; another piece of technology that doesn’t integrate with their other tools; and yet another monthly expense that yields zero benefit. 

What they do need is…

  • seamless management of client/agent relationships and transactions 

  • automated client/lead communication and conversion 

  • effortless digital offer, electronic signature and transaction workflow tools

  • programmatic compliance monitoring

  • event driven performance tracking

They need to provide a superior customer experience; and

They need it done for them, at a reasonable cost.

They need Brokerage as a Service    (BaaS   ) powered by REDWITH.

Brokerage as a Service    (BaaS   ) is an innovative service from REDWITH which employs a suite of proprietary software solutions and highly trained human capital to power real estate transactions from initial client/lead contact thru closing and beyond to preserve the client-for-life relationship.

Provide distinct value to your clients, your agents, and your brokerage; let the REDWITH team curate every aspect of the consumer experience, increase agent productivity and fundamentally reshape broken brokerage profitability economics.

To learn more or schedule a no obligation consultation, contact us via the link below.






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